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It is Always Too Late

I shall not lie to you when divulging the origins my discovery of the designer brand “Too Late“: I discovered the company in an old MissHannahMinx video. As think about it more and more the less I am ashamed: the videos are made for watching and watched it I did.

Too Late was not create by a designer wishing to make their name in the fashion world, but by an entrepreneur who found a silicone watch in a New York MOMO store and decided that he could make something of that simple yet effective design. Ale Fogazzi acquired the distribution rights of that now-famous watch in 2007 and built the Too Late brand around it. Since then well over two million watches have been sold, proving that the company’s formula of ‘high-end yet affordable’ is winning over consumers world-wide.

Whilst the majority of the products from Too Late are of the time-telling variety, they have branched out with bracelets, wallets, handbags, USB flash drives, belts and even a bicycle. Even though I cannot say that the bright colours of Too Late’s signature silicone look is something that appeals to me directly, their subtler Neo and Nyx watches do tempt me greatly.

The Original Watch - Too Late

3D HANDBAG - Too Late
Original Analogue - Too Late Nyx - Too Late
Neo - Too LateWallet - Too Late
Fixed - Too Late

I will be watching this Italian company closely…

What’s in a Wallet?

I own a lovely leather wallet bought from one of those bag stores that sell luggage and a few odds and ends relating to luggage and I must say, it’s a nice wallet and does the job nicely. But one thing I’ve noticed is that you can buy a cheap leather wallet and you can buy a rather expensive leather wallet and I rack my brains to understand what on Earth is the difference.

It’s not the size as this USD$1,894.95 wallet (it’s on sale by the way -_-) shows:

BALLY Galant-E/20 Wallet -
Too bad if you wanted to hold any kind of change or anything more than your green ladies and plastic people. And what’s the difference between that and this genuine cow leather wallet:

Alexander Julian Colours Leather Bifold Wallet -
…for USD$14.99 apart from the mortgage? Unfortunately, from all my research I’ve found nothing to suggest that price has ANYTHING to do with the product you are buying. As long as it has a zip for the coin department and ample note and card space, and has been well-made from quality materials I don’t see where any differences lie apart from a considerably empty wallet at time of purchase.