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I cannot ever see myself getting a tattoo, EVER. Partly because I don’t see the appeal and partly (or some may say mostly) because of my chronic fear of needles.

But some believe that a tattoo is a thing of beauty and fashion that never grows old (just wrinkly). Tattoos I hate a despise are the fat single mothers who engrave (for use of a better word) the name of their child and its birthday into some piece of already suffering flesh. I would have thought the voyeur of tattoo laden woman was left up those members of the population who have significantly larger balls (physical or otherwise) than I (actually, funny story about big balls! When I was born I was C-ed out of my mother stomach with small coconuts as sexual organs and my mother almost went into shock – needless to say my father thought he was the bee’s knees. Anyway, they did go down, well a bit, but it’s still a story that’s brought up to make any guests that we have over at the time feel terribly uncomfortable over), at least in their wanton. UNTIL I saw this Threadless model:

Space and Time - Threadless…that’s right, super-cute Threadless model receives a full size picture! What can I say, I’ve fallen in love and I’m not ashamed to say it (unless she doesn’t like that, than she’s going to kick my arse, not that having tattoos instantly means you’re angry and want to kick everyone’s arse but seriously, anyone can kick my arse, it’s a pretty well-known fact).

Now sure, there are some girls with tatts that are hot, but none that take my breath away like my space and time girl.