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Looking For the Woman in the Red Dress?

So why was Neo distracted by the woman in the red dress? Was it because she was simply straight-up beautiful or was it because she was interested in sex? A paper in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology suggests that it is fact the latter, at least from the opinion of Neo.'Girl holding her hand up 2' by Mattox from stock.xchng

The research by the smart people at the University of Rochester who asked their collected sample of men a photo of a woman whose tee was altered to look either red or white, in a controlled manner, and whether the lady was “interested in sex” on a scale from one to nine (no ten?).

Whilst not a massive for and against, when presented in red the woman was rated, on average, one and a half points higher than her edited white tee wearing self. This one point five difference is hypothesised to represent the male’s evolutionary conditioning to partner the colour red with fertility. How on earth does that translate to when men choose red sports cars and motorcycles during their mid-life crises? I think it is best that question remains unanswered.

So there you have it: if you are female and want some action, wear red…