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Looking For the Woman in the Red Dress?

So why was Neo distracted by the woman in the red dress? Was it because she was simply straight-up beautiful or was it because she was interested in sex? A paper in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology suggests that it is fact the latter, at least from the opinion of Neo.'Girl holding her hand up 2' by Mattox from stock.xchng

The research by the smart people at the University of Rochester who asked their collected sample of men a photo of a woman whose tee was altered to look either red or white, in a controlled manner, and whether the lady was “interested in sex” on a scale from one to nine (no ten?).

Whilst not a massive for and against, when presented in red the woman was rated, on average, one and a half points higher than her edited white tee wearing self. This one point five difference is hypothesised to represent the male’s evolutionary conditioning to partner the colour red with fertility. How on earth does that translate to when men choose red sports cars and motorcycles during their mid-life crises? I think it is best that question remains unanswered.

So there you have it: if you are female and want some action, wear red…


Who can honestly deny love for plush toys? I think it is fair to say that those who do not have a love for plush toys are usually the ones who grow up to be psychopaths of some kind (or spinster librarians). Since I am not a psychopath (or librarian) I too have a love for plush toys – the cuter the better – and I would like to share with you a New Zealand lass who feels the same.

Ninja Bear  Geek Ninja by ChibiCraft on Etsy Super Red Ninja Bear by ChibiCraft on Etsy Super Green Ninja Bear by ChibiCraft on Etsy

Jenna Adam started making adorable things to sell from home at the end of 2010 where she founded Chibi Crafts and Design. The most lovely of her creations are her ninja bears that come in many ever changing designs. a Lot of the ninja’s designs are inspired directly from videos games, anime, pop culture, et cetera, but are only hinted at their origins – an example would be the Super Red and Super Green ninjas who happen to have mustaches and be plumbers. Jenna Adam is currently working on her second series of bears with ten super-cute new designs that have been released so far.

Ninja Bear  Sir Ninja by ChibiCraft on Etsy Chibi Crafts and Design Ninja Bear  Vampire Ninja by ChibiCraft on Etsy

I have ordered myself a Sir Ninja Bear from Etsy and I will let you all know how adorable it is when it finally arrives…

Design by Humans

A Tee-shirt company that I have not featured on BzrCC is DESIGNBYHÜMANS. The obvious reason is that I was not actively aware of their operation but another is the price: almost twice as much as some other tee-shirt companies.

Then why have I taken it upon myself to talk about them at this moment in time? The answer is simple: their designs are works of art.

DBH is a competition site very similar to Threadless, with published designs being chosen by a community voting system and winners receiving USD$1000 and six shirts of their printed design. The thing that makes DBH so refreshing is in place of the cookie-cutter pop-culture references that you find on your RIPT, QwerTee, Shirt.Woot, and even Threadless, is replaced with really solid artistic design.

CutMe T-shirt by Shining from Design By Humans No Fear. T-shirt by sebasebi from Design By Humans
Virtual Reality T-shirt by Davi_Augusto from Design By Humans Dream Level-1 T-shirt by collisiontheory from Design By Humans Midnight Sonata T-shirt by muttley from Design By Humans
Close in Time T-shirt by alnavasord from Design By Humans The Experiment T-shirt by Recycledwax from Design By Humans =Milky Way= T-shirt by pinkstorm from Design By Humans

Close in Time (bottom left) has to be one my favourite tee-shirt prints of all time…

Beach Party = $10 tees (apparently)

Not that I’m complaining, if there’s one thing I love it is cheap Threadless tees :D! For those kids who are not a tee nut like myself, Threadless is a website where the community submits designs that the community votes on and then best 300 per month go to an internal Threadless team who pick the ones that will be printed. So after hours (I would love to say that I am exaggerating but I’m sadly not :$) of going back and forth here are the ones that’ll be arriving at my front door:

The girly ones will obviously be for female friend so mine (I swear!).

The beach party started on the 11th June and ends on the 14th at 5pm sharp (some kind of American time which I don’t know, you guys can figure it all out for yourself, you’re good like that).


Kawaii in Italian: Overkill…

Ferraris are one of those rare cars that are hand-made to order. When you fork over the your many, many wads of cash a team of skilled professionals get to work to making your automotive work of art. Which begs the question, if you are going to spend so much money on your beautiful beast WHY oh WHY do you do THIS!

Overkill: 'Hello Kitty' Ferrari 360 - GTSPIRIT.COM Overkill: 'Hello Kitty' Ferrari 360 - GTSPIRIT.COM : Ferrari Hello Kitty Elsie Lontoh : Ferrari Hello Kitty Elsie Lontoh

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this done to a Ferrari before though, although it has been revealed that the original was indeed a fake (made as a wedding gift believe it or not). Good old disposable income, aye.