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Creepy Mannequins Are Creepy

One feature that you have at your disposal in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the purely cosmetic ability to place items of clothing, armour, jewellery, head-ware, et cetera, onto mannequins in player owned locations. This is all well and good for the sake of making your in-game house, a ‘home,’ but fails to fulfill this desired purpose when your mannequins are not only the creepiest things on the planet, but they move. So what is wrong with mannequins that can move around your house showing off that new fancy armour set of yours? Well: Skyrim mannequins only move when you are not looking!

Think Doctor Who’s weeping angels (except the weeping angels from the episode based on the short story and not the two part episode where the Steven Moffat bastardised and retconned them until they were no longer the most terrifying thing on the planet) and you will get a good idea of how terrifying these damn wooden statues really are. There is a large open room that has plaques to hang your shields and weapons and racks to rest your staves which more than half of the outside of the room has mannequins standing about two metres apart.

It appears that I am not the only one that think these (seemingly) inanimate humanoids are creepy as all buck as I found quite a few website documenting this very fear (in disturbing detail I might add). Is anyone else surprised that mannequins were used in nuclear testing to simulate the effects on humans? Because let us all face the facts here: mannequins are EXACTLY like humans in every way shape and form (no wonder that people made nuclear makeup – that is a post for another day).

Oh well, I will leave that here and add some pictures when I get home to do so…