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Washing Machine Clothing

I stumbled upon an up-and-coming clothing line by two musos, Raul Rossell and Josh Paul, by the name of Washing Machine Clothing. While there’s not that much there at this present time, what is on show definitely is promising. It is their signature black hoodie with eight solid white stripes that is the main puller over their extremely limited tee collection. Speaking of their tee collection, one thing that is very odd is their tee designs only consist of the WMC logo. This is all well and good if it is a known brand, but when no-one knows who the hell you are, why on earth are they going to spend USD$28 to find out.

Washing Machine Clothing Fabric Stripped 4 Line Hoodie (Black/White)
Washing Machine Clothing | About Us

While I think they do have a future, I do not think I’ll be buying from them quite yet.