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QR Codes ARE NOT Fashion

Just stop…

Pretentious, much?

I recently went for a job interview at a very swanky fashion boutique (of which I wasn’t successful) and one of the labels that they featured was ELLERY. Now I am not here to burn my bridges, not in the slightest, but in my research on ELLERY has filled me with nothing but disgust for the fashion industry and all the people in it.

There are three big reasons why I am opposed to ELLERY.


The first is obvious as soon as you have the displeasure of stumbling upon the official website: it has woeful design and art direction. If you have a look at the current collection (and previous ones for that matter) all you see is out of focus photography; use (or overuse in this case) of nudity where it really wasn’t necessary (or can really be explained); and the shots are so ‘artistic’ that you have no idea what the clothing is or even what it looks like.

The second and third reasons tie in with each other: the price and the fact that these items could quite easily be bought from Target. The items, from the tops to the dress, are so incredibly generic it really stumps me to how ELLERY has gotten away with it – I thought high-class designers were supposed to start trends, not sit comfortable in the established. Plus the prices of these item is embarrassing: a pair of leather ‘shorties’ for AUD$1205; a very basic ‘tuck dress’ for AUD$445; a tee with leather sleeve insert for AUD$305; and the list goes on.

Freya Shoulder Tuck Dress Gynecoid Summer Leather Shortie Olivia Crepe Tee with Leather Sleeve Insert

I really do pity the people who way full price for these items – what do you get in return?


Saggy Pants are Butt-Ugly but Legal: Judge

This is a loss for fashion, style, taste and decency everywhere!

Saggy pants are butt-ugly but legal: judge -

‘Hippy’ is the New Black (Apparently)

According to the New York Post, this Summer’s beachwear (the northern hemisphere’s at least) is all about looking like a ‘hippy’. Not that I have a problem with hippies (except vegans, well, vegans in general), but from the pictures that were published it just looks like an excuse to wear your mother’s hand-me-downs, making special consideration not to pick anything that goes with anything else. I’m also curious to how my mother’s hand-me-downs are suddenly considered ‘hippy’ because she surely was not (it would definitely make the stories at Christmas a lot more exciting if she was).

Hippie-inspired summer beachwear perfect for tanning and drinking cocktails - Hippie-inspired summer beachwear perfect for tanning and drinking cocktails -

As you can imagine with any accepted fashion trend, the clothing and accessories related to it are never cheap, and this ‘hippy-inspired’ beach party is no exception. Giuseppe Zanotti sandals for USD$1,041; Limpopo necklace for USD$350; Nanette Lepore Skort (what the hell is a skort?) for USD$99; Jean Paul Gaultier tunic and bikini for a cheap USD$390 and USD$295, respectively; necklace from Patricia Field, USD$72; Hei Hei shorts for USD$58; the list goes on and on. And you can see just like I can, these are not fancy items, they’re crappy bits and pieces that look like they were made by some girl with too much hair in too many places that only bathes in the ocean, wears nothing but frangipanis in her hair and whose name is Experience. Come to think of it, I remember making one of those necklaces for my mother for mother’s day in art in primary school.

Hippie-inspired summer beachwear perfect for tanning and drinking cocktails - Hippie-inspired summer beachwear perfect for tanning and drinking cocktails -

People will pay though, people will pay.


Grass Thongs?

Really guys, this is just stupid -_-! I know it’s old news but it was the first time I had heard of it living grass thongs.

Krispy Kreme doughnutsIt really does show that the Poms have no idea.