Wristwatches Intent on Reinventing the Wheel

One Thing I have been enthralled in whilst absent from the world of blogging is a company by the name of TokyoFlash Japan. TFJ do one thing and one thing only, and that is create the most unusual and interesting watched that you are most likely to ever see. Not only so but they also create these little enigmas strange from the public’s submissions to their blog.

The following are some of the watches they sell or have sold in the past:

Kisai RPM SS LED Watch
Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED Watch Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED Watch
Kisai Kaidoku LCD Watch Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD Watch
Kisai Seven LED Watch Nekura Scramble LED Watch
Kisai On Air Black LED Watch

I will be sure to include a compilation of some of the best user-submitted designs that are currently pending approval, in a future post…

Apparently I Own a Blog…

…or so it would seem.

When this blog first came into being I had a mountain of time to add content and maintain it, but then I landed a job and things kind of moved towards that. Now that my job is not giving me all the hours that I would like I should jump back onto here and ensure that this website and blog is maintain to the level it was before the sudden disappearance.


Goodbye Mother Sparrow

This article is 100% non-fashion related, but it is something that is very close to my heart.

Recently, I was telling a good friend of mine about a little Danish band by the name of Mother Sparrow, a band that make adorable lo-fi acoustic tunes about the forests, the animals, and everything in-between. It is a band that a truly touched me in a way that no other musician or musicians have ever done before. In an attempt to sell my friend to the music of Mother Sparrow, I search for any information I could – blogs, official websites, et cetera. This wasn’t the easiest of feats as their music is all self-released and so no record label affiliation. After a while of search I found what looks like their official home on a Danish music website that even featured a blog – BRILLIANT! The following is a rough machine translation of the final entry:

    Thanks for your nice comments – Your words are warm in an otherwise cold times.As most of you probably know, we lost Jannick it. 4.4.2009. Our beloved friend and brilliant songwriter. We buried him on the most beautiful high next to the sea on the island Thurø Svendborg, and said goodbye. Beside his arrival we have placed a silver stag, and around him are the strongest trees where birds twitter loudly just until dark curtain falling. We are back ensures borders on the unbearable, but Jannick himself was happy to leave this world.

    A complex man, in a simplistic world.

    Egon and I (Julian) have talked about Jannick heart child’s fate, Mother Sparrow. To begin with we were certain that the only correct would be to lead the band on, but after a time thinking it makes less and less sense without Jannick. It’s just terrible that he has left so many brilliant works for all the world must never be lost. Thoughts circulate constantly in our aching hearts and what will happen, no one can say for sure yet.

    But what I can promise is that I (Julian Holm) will take care of all inquiries that may be on Mother Sparrow. If people want lyrics, CDs or similar, please write to me.

    Furthermore, as has Egon and I decided to make a farewell album for Jannick. The album will contain songs written by Jannick death, and therefore will not be old material as we feel that it makes most sense right now, where nothing makes sense.

    We will do our best to make an album in which you will feel the same as us, with us.

    Stay forever chirping and warmth of the glowing sun

    Julian & Egon

I am not going to lie, it brought a tear to my eye! It happen well over a year ago, but reading about it now cuts just as deep. I never knew Jannick, or his band members, to tell you the truth, I knew very, very little about the band apart from they were very indie, and made wonderfully beautiful music, but the emotional connection he and Julian and Egon have made with me through their touching music cannot be described with mere words (in English or Danish I imagine).

I am going to miss you Jannick, my heart goes out to Julian and Egon, and your respected family and friends.

I think it is only fitting to end this article with ‘Have a Heart’, the closing song from the emotionally spectacular album of the same name:


Prada (I know, I know)

Hey groovy kids, Pino is back on the interwebs and ready to do what I do fairly okay at!

I know I have ranted and raved about how pathetic Prada are if they think decent human beings are going to spend USD$1500 on a shoulder bag or USD$240 on a pair of casual flats, despite the fact that their clothing isn’t usually that innovative (at least when push comes to shove), but after seeing their 2010 spring campaign I just had to show it to you folks (I still wouldn’t buy ANY of it and I encourage you all to buy well made fakes in defiance).


Needless-to-say, Yang Fudong, the photographer and mind behind this campaign, has outdone himself.



I am currently performing and learning the stuff that I am performing so I’ll be a few entries late with my articles.