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Washing Machine Clothing

I stumbled upon an up-and-coming clothing line by two musos, Raul Rossell and Josh Paul, by the name of Washing Machine Clothing. While there’s not that much there at this present time, what is on show definitely is promising. It is their signature black hoodie with eight solid white stripes that is the main puller over their extremely limited tee collection. Speaking of their tee collection, one thing that is very odd is their tee designs only consist of the WMC logo. This is all well and good if it is a known brand, but when no-one knows who the hell you are, why on earth are they going to spend USD$28 to find out.

Washing Machine Clothing Fabric Stripped 4 Line Hoodie (Black/White)
Washing Machine Clothing | About Us

While I think they do have a future, I do not think I’ll be buying from them quite yet.


Don’t Skimp on Style Just Because You’re Poor

I found this whilst surfing and thought you kids might I enjoy it :).

Beggars In Asia Have Style


When You Know You’re Going to Drop it Sooner or Later

I am well aware that it was not too long ago that I posted about designer iPhone cases but this one caught my eye in such a way that I had to write about it (I have already put it off a couple of times already).


Designed by Ryan Glasgow, this case features 304 stainless steel body, elastic band for locking the lid in place, hinged lid and delrin fastener housings. At USD$95 it is not a cheap case, but considering a decent protective plastic case AUD$40, it doesn’t seem too steep for those who are serious about their iPhone.


Whether or not it will actually protect your phone as it looks like it will is another thing entirely. Personally, I would think a sturdy silicone or silicone-analogue case would be more protective (at least in terms of absorbing potential drop-damage).


Street Fashion

I think I could look at street fashion for hours on end without so much as an inkling of boredom, but no picture or photograph blows my mind quite like this one:

On the Street… Brooklyn Boho, Brooklyn It is amazing how so much can be represented by a single picture of a smiling woman on the street. This could only mean one thing, I need to spend even more time on The Sartorialist.


Instant Boob Job

It seems I’m over a month late to the party on this one but still worth a mention nevertheless: Ann Summers, the U.K. lingerie and sex toy company, has developed an ‘instant boob job bra’ that boasts a two cup size improvement just by wearing one.

Ann Summers - CLEAVAGE Ann Summers - CLEAVAGE

I think the images speak for themselves. According to AS the secret is the ‘bean bag’ padding and the tight shape that ‘moulds to your shape for a perfect fit’. “Unlike other enhancing bras, the unique microbead technology is ultra light and actually moulds to the shape of your breast and is shaped with a super plunge for maximum cleavage factor.” And speaking of microbeads, they do not store heat which is apparently a bit a problem with the silicone-based padding (the more you know…).

Ann Summers - Kissing Cleavage Plunge Bra Black/Pink - ProductThe bra clocks in at £22 and is available now. My big question to you guys out there, would you be annoyed if you went out with a girl who wore one of these and you didn’t know, only to be hit with quite a surprise in the bedroom?