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How Much Do You Pay for a Plastic Bag?

In Australia retailers are starting to charge per plastic bag in an attempt to get you to stop filling the landfills with them. Not only that, but some states (I think it is just the one at the moment but I could be wrong) that have enforced a plastic bag tax on the retailers as well as further deterrent. And now it seems our close friend Louis Vuitton is jumping on the band-wagon with the below range of bags, and for USD$1960 each, you can guarantee that no-one will be filling a landfill or the oceans with THAT plastic bag.

Louis Vuitton's $1,960 Trash Bag Purse (PHOTO, POLL) Louis Vuitton's $1,960 Trash Bag Purse (PHOTO, POLL)

What has the world come to‽