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Cute Carry Bags

They are bright, they are colourful, and they are damn cute! Oh, and they’re not stupidly expensive like other designer stuff that looks good – which is nice. They come in at around USD$24, which, for a laptop or camera case (in my experience of working in a store that sells a lot of them) is about par. The designer is 25togo and by the looks of the Asian lettering on their website that they are Chinese (I hope that’s correct). Oh, I found some information on them, they are Taiwanese (SORRY!), which makes more sense.

::: ::: 25togo_MY PHOTO??? ::: ::: 25togo_MY PHOTO???
::: ::: 25togo_MY DOCUMENT??? ::: ::: 25togo_MY DOCUMENT???

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Photo Bag:
    • L 115mm W 95mm D 18mm
  • Laptop Case:
    • L 330mm W 280mm D 25mm (33.8cm/13.3″)
    • L 345mm W 300mm D 25mm (35.8cm/14.1″)
    • L 380mm W 325mm D 25mm (39.1cm/15.4″)

Hey! I didn’t even notice this to begin with, but there’s a subtle case of engrish here! MY DOCUMENT and MY PHOTO should both be plural. Oh well, they are still both adorable :).