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Watch decided (plus small review)!

I have finally decided and the following Fossil watch has been bought and paid for (well I actually decided a while ago but never posted about it because I forgot about it to be perfectly honest, but now that my package has arrived, I shall share the good news with you good people):
Analog Gunmetal Dial Watch - FOSSIL

Needless to say it look damn sexy and very showy and I think I need to put myself in more dressy situations so I can wear it more often. The watch was bought from a eBay seller for about AUD$80 (including postage) which was nice cheap surprise.

The watch itself looks so much better than it does in the pictures on the Fossil website: the buffed metal is sexy you could almost think it were titanium. The bold blacks of the face and border are very defined and the hands make it really easy to catch the time even at the quickest of glances. One thing I wasn’t quite sure of was the ‘diamond’ (actually, upon further reading it is an actual genuine diamond, what a present surprise) as I was concerned it would look too ‘blingy’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It really does look great and with the 50 metre water resistance, it won’t fall victim to any accidental watering I may put it though due to complacency alone. It’s also not too heavy either which is nice for a guy like myself who has really skinny arms.


Matrix Eye-wear

Hi, my name is Pino and I own and regularly wear a trench-coat. There, now that I’ve said it we can move on.

There is always trepidation afoot in the air when buying anything from an online store that you have never heard of, especially one that promises free shipping to anywhere on Earth. Matrix Eyewear is one of these e-stores.

As far as ‘fashion’ is concerned, these are sunglasses are simply look-a-likes to the ones worn by the respected actors in said movie. Below are the ones that I bought:

…with the latter pair being a bonus when you buy two or more (another reason to be sceptical). They cost me USD$69.90 for the two, including free shipping to my land of Aus and the free pair of Neo’s. After some freaken fast shipping (considering it was free) they arrived.

My reaction is a bit of mixed bag to be perfectly frank: the free pair are somewhat small (a tight fit to be more specific) and are in no way in proportion to the other pair of Neo’s that I bought (although I have a big head so they may be of normal size, but the fact that there is such a difference in the two Neo’s is rather odd); the Twins’ pair is the best made out of the three (reflected by the $10 more expensive I imagine) and are a nice pair of sunnies; there is obvious differences in the pair of Twins’ that I was given and the ones in the pictures on the website (one can say that the two are very similar designs but definitely not the same) but despite this, I still really like them; both the glasses that fit both had a slightly crooked frame (slight manual adjustments fixed this); they are both comfortable (excluding the ones that don’t fit me, of course); all three come with a small black silk-like case; oh, and last but not least, the two both look pretty awesome on me ^^.

At the end of the day, although I obviously only know what three of the nine pairs are like, I have had a mostly positive experience with ME that I would recommend to others. I even manage to stuff up my order and mr ME was kind enough to fix it up and refund me the extra pair of sunglasses I ordered by accident that I didn’t want. Also, a friend of mine is interested in the Trinity pair so I’ll be able to tell you exactly how that pans out for her.