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Do You Buy Stolen Goods? (the Finale)

If you missed part one and cannot be bothered to scroll down or you are viewing this as a standalone post or this post is on the bottom of a page, you can find it here.

My point after all that is there is a LOT of stealing going on in that town which means that there is a good chance that there is a butt-ton more going on all over the place which leads me to ask the question: do you buy stolen goods? I’m sure most of you answer ‘no!’ straight away but just think, when is the last time you’ve shopped on eBay or out of the weekend shopper in your local or national newspaper/s? The catalyst to this interesting little thought-gem was my recent browse for a new pair of jeans on eBay.

There is literally pages and pages of super-super cheap designer titles that are ending soon that are all missing any official box or tags. It’s true, they could be all fakes, but even then, only your big chains could get away with selling jeans at that low price; plus, these people who are selling them, checking their other items for sale and you are likely to find more consistency at a school fete’s trash and treasure. These folks are not rare finds either, you can find here, there and everywhere you look. Do this for me, go onto eBay or similar site and think of an item that has resale value and is someone easy to swipe. Once you’ve thought of a few enter them into your search box and see what results you find.

So, back to that question yet again, do you buy stolen goods? Do you buy from these people even though there’s 90% chance that the item you are buying has been swiped?

To be perfectly honest I really have no idea. Sure, everyone wants the cheapest goods possible but you’d never steal, but you’ll pay someone else to steal for you?

Morals have made me all moody and I do not like it one bit.


Wholesale Brand Clothing (.com)

I think we all know how much of tight tit I am at the best of times, let alone when I’m between jobs. Well, where on earth was this website when I was doing internet searches is completely beyond me. You know, I’m starting to think I am extremely green when it comes to this fashion game and it doesn’t look like I’m getting any less green in any hurry.

Cheap Designer Clothes Wholesale Ed Hardy Cheap Abercrombie Wholesale Juicy Couture Designer True Religion Jeans Wholesale Lacoste and Ralph Lauren Polo Hollister Clothing From ChinaFor those kids who are humouring me to make me feel less like a knob and pretending not to know anything about this website, I’ll tell you what I know. It is designer clothing from some super cheap price. We’re talking Prada tees for USD$8 (and we KNOW from previous blog entries how overprices Prada usually is – and that was on sale), we’re talking Rock and Republic Jeans for USD$20, we’re talking Lacoste polos for $USD8. The only condition is that you buy a minimum of five for each item, which I don’t have a problem with because I, unlike you, actually have friends to buy them from me :).

The only problem I have with this website and this stems back to what I was talking about at the beginning of this post: I have no idea what each designers brands make and what style they do it in. This is a problem because the website is divided into brand, not type of clothing. But with that being said, it might be nice for me to get a little bit of brand recognition programmed into the old noggin if I’m going to continue to run a worthwhile blog.



So today I discovered and was pleasantly surprised and disappointed all in one. While it has an easier interface to work with than and price grabber, the prices for the items shown always seem higher than what I can find on PG. Although, with that being said, there is a lot more complete crap on PG than OS which isn’t a bad thing for OS. If you could not only choose filters to add plus filters to exclude than PG would be a lot more user friendly, but at the moment, even the most obscure collection of poorly implemented filters chosen nets you 300+ results to plough through, usually more.

Oh well, it’s still better than ShopBot (at least for fashion related items).



I have been using ShopBot when buying anything remotely computer or electronically flavoured for years now and it has never occurred to me, not even once, to use it for my fashiony related quests.

Hmm, either there’s no decent Australia online fashion related retailers or ShopBot need to improves its pool of source sites. Well this was a disappointment.