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The d°light Huggable

Isn’t this ADORABLE‽

d°light Huggable - Featured  - Yanko DesignIt is labelled as an ideal night-light, sunshine alternative and conversation piece – functional, yet contemporary, it claims to define the future of design. I don’t know about that latter bit but it sure is mighty adorable. It comes in three colours and is powered by either four AA batteries or a DC black box; inside are 0.5 watt LEDs.


  • The latest LED technology made in Japan
  • Warm white 0.5 watt LED at higher color temperature
  • Low power, low heat, drive current of 120mA per LED
  • Utilizes the natural translucency of silicone rubber as the LED lens
  • Turn d°light Huggable on/off by pulling the chain switch
  • 4 AA batteries. huggable will last about 4 hours at its brightest and then dim off slowly…
  • 100% woven polyester (eyelash fabric)
  • 100% polyester satin
d°light Huggable - Featured  - Yanko Design d°light Huggable - Featured  - Yanko Design

These are just the cutest things I have seen all year, I think I’m going to buy one :).