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iPhones, the New Designer Accessory?

I do not own an iPhone nor do I think I ever will – at least not in the foreseeable future. While I do own a touch-screen phone (LG Renoir), I cannot see myself ever using the vast majority of extra functions and features that feature on Apple‘s little wonder-child. It is not that I am playing the ‘I hate Apple’ card here, although, my patience in regards to their continual computer fascism is starting to wear thin, I just don’t need it (plus my Renoir seems to get a lot better reception than my friends’ iPhones). A nice accessible phone with a back-up camera and basic web surfing is exactly what I want and is exactly what I have (and, in addition, I didn’t pay a cent for it). But one thing my Renoir, or any other new fancy phone, has not been able to compete with is the iPhone‘s ever increasing vogue.

Apart from the sheer popularity of the little bugger (the vast majority of friends over eighteen seems to have one permanently in their hands) there are the hundreds of thousands of accessories to the iPhone itself which are making this phone a must have pocket filler. Hong Kong veteran fashion company JOYCE have earlier in the year announced a collection of cases from designers such as Anna Sui, Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens, Marni, Bless and Etro. The fact that one of these cases is shaped like a piece of granite and another which what I could only call elephant hide makes me both strangely envious and repulsed all at the same time. I haven’t been able to track a price of these guys but I cannot imagine they’ll be cheap though.

JOYCEOther notably sexy cases include Griffin Technology‘s Threadless (top row below) and Chilewich (very bottom row) collections – the latter consisting of a tightly woven mesh making an interesting yet aesthetically pleasing case.

Griffin Technology: The Gaming Revolution - Design by Sean Mort Griffin Technology: Fail - Design by Budi Satria Kwan Griffin Technology: Space Needs Color - Design by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini Griffin Technology: Elan Form Chilewich - Gravel


$75 gets you $100 worth of tees!

I think this speaks for itself:
Threadless Gift Certificates for Sale - Tee Junction
You pay Tee-Junction the amount in black and you receive a code in your email to activate a gift certificate on Threadless for the amounts that are crossed out. I know it sounds like some kind of scam but I ONLY ever get fund my Threadless wallet this way and I’ve never had a problem with TJ. The only problem with this is TJ only has gift certificates available at certain times (all depending on how many street points they have incurred through Threadless‘ street team programme).

While we’re talking about TJ, if you love buying tees online than I’d definitely be adding that website to your bookmarks sooner rather than later if I were you. They have coupons out the butt and list every single (decent) tee website that you can access with your internet browser.