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Grass Thongs?

Really guys, this is just stupid -_-! I know it’s old news but it was the first time I had heard of it living grass thongs.

Krispy Kreme doughnutsIt really does show that the Poms have no idea.


Thongs and you.

I don’t own any thongs what so ever. This is almost a hangable offence here in Australia for a male of any race not to don the little rubber sandally shoe things and I think my fellow countrymen are started to notice. But where do I wear them? And with what? Do I do a Wil Anderson and wear them with EVERYTHING? What happens if my workplace has a casual dress-code, is it okay to thong-up then? I honestly have no idea.

I do own a pair of Colorado half-casual shoe half-sandal things that I wear when I cannot be bothered to don anything remotely respectable but that’s as close as I’ve ever gotten. Maybe if I swap out every time I would wear these sandals and wear some thongs I’m on my way to becoming an Australia Citizen again (you read correctly, you don’t have to just be born in this country, you have to have an undeniable love of a pair of thongs).

Now I’ve obviously missed something in society but now thongs apparently cost a lot more than a mere $1.50 that I remember them to be priced at. On shopbot they range from 11 to 10 for men’s and a lot more for the women’s. Let’s try eBay and and see if we come up with some more pleasing prices (and designs).

While the prices weren’t any more impressive the designs were. I always took thongs as something your wore when you really didn’t want to wear anything at all but it would be impolite or unsafe to do so. In taking this into account it seems odd that such emphasis seems to be on the design of something that people only see when you’re not wearing them. Kind of like a really nice design on the inside of your jeans.

I clearly cannot decide and will most likely settle this down at my local shopping centre (damn you internet and making me leave the house).