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‘Hippy’ is the New Black (Apparently)

According to the New York Post, this Summer’s beachwear (the northern hemisphere’s at least) is all about looking like a ‘hippy’. Not that I have a problem with hippies (except vegans, well, vegans in general), but from the pictures that were published it just looks like an excuse to wear your mother’s hand-me-downs, making special consideration not to pick anything that goes with anything else. I’m also curious to how my mother’s hand-me-downs are suddenly considered ‘hippy’ because she surely was not (it would definitely make the stories at Christmas a lot more exciting if she was).

Hippie-inspired summer beachwear perfect for tanning and drinking cocktails - Hippie-inspired summer beachwear perfect for tanning and drinking cocktails -

As you can imagine with any accepted fashion trend, the clothing and accessories related to it are never cheap, and this ‘hippy-inspired’ beach party is no exception. Giuseppe Zanotti sandals for USD$1,041; Limpopo necklace for USD$350; Nanette Lepore Skort (what the hell is a skort?) for USD$99; Jean Paul Gaultier tunic and bikini for a cheap USD$390 and USD$295, respectively; necklace from Patricia Field, USD$72; Hei Hei shorts for USD$58; the list goes on and on. And you can see just like I can, these are not fancy items, they’re crappy bits and pieces that look like they were made by some girl with too much hair in too many places that only bathes in the ocean, wears nothing but frangipanis in her hair and whose name is Experience. Come to think of it, I remember making one of those necklaces for my mother for mother’s day in art in primary school.

Hippie-inspired summer beachwear perfect for tanning and drinking cocktails - Hippie-inspired summer beachwear perfect for tanning and drinking cocktails -

People will pay though, people will pay.


How Much Do You Pay for a Plastic Bag?

In Australia retailers are starting to charge per plastic bag in an attempt to get you to stop filling the landfills with them. Not only that, but some states (I think it is just the one at the moment but I could be wrong) that have enforced a plastic bag tax on the retailers as well as further deterrent. And now it seems our close friend Louis Vuitton is jumping on the band-wagon with the below range of bags, and for USD$1960 each, you can guarantee that no-one will be filling a landfill or the oceans with THAT plastic bag.

Louis Vuitton's $1,960 Trash Bag Purse (PHOTO, POLL) Louis Vuitton's $1,960 Trash Bag Purse (PHOTO, POLL)

What has the world come to‽


Discovering Vivienne Westwood (sort-of).

A friend of mine spends a good chunk of our conversations going on and on about Vivienne Westwood (necklaces in particular). She did it to the point of just saying ‘Vivienne Westwood necklace‘ on many occasions as if that was a substitute for friendly banter. I thought I’d be the good friend and do some research of my own and actually find out who Vivienne Westwood is/was and what is so good about her wears (it is a she, isn’t it?).

Upon my search I found some very impressive fakes (or ‘replicas’ as they call them, almost as if they were toy planes) amongst the genuine articles with nothing but the price to separate them. Below is some of the ‘replicas’:

Now I’m not the sort of guy to wear a necklace or bracelet but if I was I’d be buying the ‘replicas’ over the genuine articles any day! Is that wrong? Does this mean I’m going to fashion hell? Probably, but luckily Jesus wore nothing but sandals and rags and Buddha was a prince-cum-homeless guy so as far as references and credible character witnesses at the hearing on judgement day are concerned, I think I’m covered :).


Who Said Honesty Never Pays Off!

As you know from this post, and a bit from this post I love and adore Fairy Goth Mother, to the point that I wish I were a woman (sometimes)! Well, just earlier this week I found one of their corsets on eBay for a very reduced price form some unknown seller claiming it was their own brand and brand new. I did what any pain in the arse would (and trust, I really AM a pain in the arse) and contacted Fairy Goth Mother (I love seeing people get their justice, whether it’s a rapist or murderer or some guy on the side of the road sucking on a speeding fine – it’s a fetish). Today I received an email from John of FGM thanking me greatly and gracing me with a generous gift voucher :).

So there we are kids, do not believe those Hollywood movies, honesty is the best policy!


What’s in a Wallet?

I own a lovely leather wallet bought from one of those bag stores that sell luggage and a few odds and ends relating to luggage and I must say, it’s a nice wallet and does the job nicely. But one thing I’ve noticed is that you can buy a cheap leather wallet and you can buy a rather expensive leather wallet and I rack my brains to understand what on Earth is the difference.

It’s not the size as this USD$1,894.95 wallet (it’s on sale by the way -_-) shows:

BALLY Galant-E/20 Wallet -
Too bad if you wanted to hold any kind of change or anything more than your green ladies and plastic people. And what’s the difference between that and this genuine cow leather wallet:

Alexander Julian Colours Leather Bifold Wallet -
…for USD$14.99 apart from the mortgage? Unfortunately, from all my research I’ve found nothing to suggest that price has ANYTHING to do with the product you are buying. As long as it has a zip for the coin department and ample note and card space, and has been well-made from quality materials I don’t see where any differences lie apart from a considerably empty wallet at time of purchase.