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I cannot say I have ever been too much a fan of rings. Back in the day I almost bought a very nice pewter ring with an inset spinning chain (similar to the one below) but felt it too expensive and so never did buy it in the end. They’re not like a nice watch or pair of sunnies in the same sense in fashion as they seem to fly in and out of fashion like no-bodies business. This of course is not taking into account the exceptions to the rule like wedding related jewels or some other ring that has real mean to the wearer (this shows personality and depth in your style and look – which is never a bad thing).

Brushed Stainless Steel Ring with Spinning Chain: Just Men's RingsLooking all the way back to the seventies and we can see that there was a definite type of person that donned rings and they were of the pimp variety or even some hippies, but for the general populace, they were pretty well out. That continues into the eighties until the late eighties where they came so far in that it continued through the nineties until the late nineties where ‘bling’ was the new black. When the naughties hit rings faded out as time passed on until the late naughties where they started to slow pop their heads back in (not surprisingly because of the late eighties/early nineties influencing both underground and big name designers alike.)

Black Tungsten Ring or Wedding Band: Just Men's Rings Benchmark 4 mm Traditional Fit Milgrain 10K White Gold Wedding Band: Just Men's Rings Titanium and Silver Band Ring: Just Men's Rings

As for what type of rings look good, I’m really not sure. There seems to be quite a few two and three finger rings floating around that look hideous and I can only imagine are meant to resemble dusters (something which I cannot imagine would EVER be stylish away from the wardrobe of Mr T). Simple silver, palladium, white gold, tungsten or even titanium rings are what I would find visually appealing with only small decoration present. Big gold rings just make you look like a knob and I’m sure only certain people would ever pull off wearing them.