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Brother’s Birthday

The little so-and-so has finally hit eighteen. Luckily I already sorted his birthday present though in the form of a ticket to the Pixies just before Easter.


Damn you wordpress!

Stupid WordPress likes to keep drafts but only when IT wants to. Lost half of a rather long article that I was typing that I’m not very happy about. I know, I know, better half an article than a full one lost, but still, *pokes WordPress*.


Pixies and Dragonskin

Dragonskin was awesome, Pixies was even better! I was very surprised that they played ALL of the Doolittle b-sides as well as the full album. They were as fresh and funny as ever and they really haven’t lost their touch. I tell you though, I was singing ‘Hey’ so freaken loud it was amazing! Good times 2010!



I’ll be away for Easter (as I always am). I will be down south at an event known as Dragonskin. Don’t break the place while I’m gone.


It sure beats America’s Army!

Ever since conscription went out of style in civilised countries, government have been forced to be as creative as possible to try and hook folks for their armed forces. Before I continue this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion (which will be a relief for you guys I imagine) but something really interesting that I have recently discovered. The most extreme and tasteless way would have to be America’s Army, a first-person shooter where you kill each other in a video game so that, hopefully, those same people killing each other, online, in a video game, will want to do the same in real life. I would love to be joking but I’m not. This, however, is not what I wanted to write about: The Swedish Armed Forces and their team cooperation flash game.

It’s a flash game that needs exactly four people to play and is played online on the Swedish Armed Forces website. You an join with strangers or create your own team. The game, although it is not really a game as more of an exercise for the brain, consists of seven exercises; one done as a group and six performed individually. The element that makes this ‘game’ so interesting is it doesn’t how well or how badly you are doing, nothing you do effects your time (as there is no score per sa, each person has an individual timer)but the time of the person who is clockwise from you. If you get the correct answer as quick as you can, they receive extra time, if you fail to get the correct answer time is deducted. This leaves a cruel irony, with the person who is the last one standing is the weakest link as opposed to being the ‘winner’ (there being no winner).

It is kind of hard to explain the ‘game’ without going into a lot of detail; it’s a lot simpler if you jump onto the site and check it out for yourself.

The interesting this about this exercise is, unlike AA which is a free FPS that’s trying to get anyone and everyone who plays it into a uniform and polished boots, that if you’re not very good at these exercises it’ll make you think that perhaps you don’t have what it takes to be an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces?