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Instant Boob Job

It seems I’m over a month late to the party on this one but still worth a mention nevertheless: Ann Summers, the U.K. lingerie and sex toy company, has developed an ‘instant boob job bra’ that boasts a two cup size improvement just by wearing one.

Ann Summers - CLEAVAGE Ann Summers - CLEAVAGE

I think the images speak for themselves. According to AS the secret is the ‘bean bag’ padding and the tight shape that ‘moulds to your shape for a perfect fit’. “Unlike other enhancing bras, the unique microbead technology is ultra light and actually moulds to the shape of your breast and is shaped with a super plunge for maximum cleavage factor.” And speaking of microbeads, they do not store heat which is apparently a bit a problem with the silicone-based padding (the more you know…).

Ann Summers - Kissing Cleavage Plunge Bra Black/Pink - ProductThe bra clocks in at £22 and is available now. My big question to you guys out there, would you be annoyed if you went out with a girl who wore one of these and you didn’t know, only to be hit with quite a surprise in the bedroom?