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Prada (I know, I know)

Hey groovy kids, Pino is back on the interwebs and ready to do what I do fairly okay at!

I know I have ranted and raved about how pathetic Prada are if they think decent human beings are going to spend USD$1500 on a shoulder bag or USD$240 on a pair of casual flats, despite the fact that their clothing isn’t usually that innovative (at least when push comes to shove), but after seeing their 2010 spring campaign I just had to show it to you folks (I still wouldn’t buy ANY of it and I encourage you all to buy well made fakes in defiance).


Needless-to-say, Yang Fudong, the photographer and mind behind this campaign, has outdone himself.


Belts: suspenders younger, popular and better-looking second cousin.

Throughout my youth one thing that was always on my birthday and Christmas lists was a nice dress belt. Needless-to-say, every year my ‘loved’ ones fail to deliver, time and time again. It was only when I hit my twenties that they finally heard my pleas and bought me one – about freaken time.

So that’s my belt story. It is not a very good one but what an you can do.

As far as belts go, I am much of a novice. I have always just had the ‘school-boy’ belt and the basic dress belt. It has been only recently that I was given a brown leather ‘casual’ belt as well. I do not understand big belt buckles, I do not understand those belts that are clearly not doing any belting and are sitting around looking pretty. I do not understand those ‘belt’ looking things that simply wrap around a woman’s hips and that is it. I think it is pretty safe to say the I have missed the belt boat and probably need to buy a ticket somewhere.

This is my version of a nice decent belt:Alfani Belt, Leather Reversible Dress Belt - Macy's
…how can you go wrong. It’s stylish yet it doesn’t overbear the whole outfit. It’s a nice dressy little number that is under USD$20.

And now, what Ripp thinks of belts:

  1. what do you think of belts?
    • I think belts are wonderful
  2. What makes a good belt?
    • A good belt is a belt that isn’t obnoxious, that ranges in sizes from 4+/- your own size, no spikes no chains none of that shit
  3. How important is a belt to completing your look?
    • It has to be formal, they work and they look nice
  4. Belts, big or small?
    • I prefer belts that don’t have holes especially, the ones with the little device that you can adjust to any spot on the belt



If there is one thing a guy should never be associated with in regards to his own fashion is bows. What we do like to be associated with though, is cute girls wearing cute bows. Now I am well aware that I am incredibly feminine, but even with that psychological affliction of sorts, I still have no idea about lady’s fashion and so this next bit is purely from what I think is cute and in no way represent any kind of actual fashion advice.

Ami Clubwear (USD$27): Black Faux Leather Bow and Straps Heels - Ami Clubwear
Newport News (USD$59):Ruffled Bow-Trim Little Black Dress - NEWPORT NEWS
Journee (AUD$60):Anne Michelle by Journee Women's High-heel Boots -
Aspeed Designs (AUD$116):Aspeed Women's Red/ Black Pleated Skirt Party Dress -
Prada (in keeping with ridiculously overpriced crap from this company – USD$420):Prada black cutout patent leather bow flats - BLUEFLY
Mia (USD$30):Bow Tie - Gray - MIA
Jessica McClintock (USD$23):Satin Clutch Slope Flat With Bow And Rhinestone Buckle - Jessica McClintock
Fairy Goth Mother (I know it’s expensive, but it’s so CUTE – GBP£275):Amazing steel boned bustier corset with halter straps - Fairy Goth Mother
Valentino (wow, do the sweat shop kiddies see ANY of this money? – AUD$1039):Valentino Lace Bow Clutch - NORDSTROM
Ignite (AUD$62):


The Uni Bag

I have been a bag fan for a long time, and have only waned my bag carrying because I’ve had a coat to do the carrying for me. The population as a whole, at least that I’ve found, is very undecided in regards to the trendiness of bags and bag carrying. I’ve had those who accept my uni bag and those that call it a man bag and thus aim the tone of the conversation from that point forward at that level.

I say screw you all! I love my uni bag and I will carry it until the day that I die (except if I have an adequate coat, then, in such instances, you can have the day off and do whatever uni bags do on their days off). So here are some great find to get you all baggy :).

Rip Curl (how could I resist an Australian company – AUD$79):
KODI (no idea of this brand as this is an eBay find and so we’ll have to trust the seller – AUD$99):
Men's Italian Soft Leather Messenger Bag -Satchel Black - KODI Design
Tiding (another eBay company – USD$77):
Men's Black Cow Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag Briefcase - Wild Bull Leather World
Prada (just to follow our tradition here of showing stupidly overpriced items – AUD$1550):
Prada Tessuto and Saffiano Messenger Bag -
Wilson’s Leather (I love the size of this one – I might buy this one as it’s size and price are mightily tempting – USD$59):
Black Rivet Brushed Leather Day Bag - Wilson's Leather
David King & Company (Another small one, but a bit pricier than the last – USD$87):
David King leather briefcase model 121 - David King & Company


I want my leather!

Metropolis French Coat - Leather Attractions

Leather Attractions is a website that’s been around for some time and has quite a few great reviews here there and everywhere, but whenever I try to use my MasterCard to buy some lovely, lovely leather wears, it comes back with some silly merchant error. The first time I tried it was ages ago and there’s been no suspicious activity on my card since so I hardly think it’s a dodgy website (especially not with it’s Comodo verification and many positive reviews). If anyone has purchased from them before I’d love to know how you did it (Visa perhaps?).

Apart from that hiccup, LA have some pretty sexy coats and jackets for really impressive prices. If I/we can sort out the payment issue they’d be a very awesome place to buy from.