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Do You Buy Stolen Goods? (the Finale)

If you missed part one and cannot be bothered to scroll down or you are viewing this as a standalone post or this post is on the bottom of a page, you can find it here.

My point after all that is there is a LOT of stealing going on in that town which means that there is a good chance that there is a butt-ton more going on all over the place which leads me to ask the question: do you buy stolen goods? I’m sure most of you answer ‘no!’ straight away but just think, when is the last time you’ve shopped on eBay or out of the weekend shopper in your local or national newspaper/s? The catalyst to this interesting little thought-gem was my recent browse for a new pair of jeans on eBay.

There is literally pages and pages of super-super cheap designer titles that are ending soon that are all missing any official box or tags. It’s true, they could be all fakes, but even then, only your big chains could get away with selling jeans at that low price; plus, these people who are selling them, checking their other items for sale and you are likely to find more consistency at a school fete’s trash and treasure. These folks are not rare finds either, you can find here, there and everywhere you look. Do this for me, go onto eBay or similar site and think of an item that has resale value and is someone easy to swipe. Once you’ve thought of a few enter them into your search box and see what results you find.

So, back to that question yet again, do you buy stolen goods? Do you buy from these people even though there’s 90% chance that the item you are buying has been swiped?

To be perfectly honest I really have no idea. Sure, everyone wants the cheapest goods possible but you’d never steal, but you’ll pay someone else to steal for you?

Morals have made me all moody and I do not like it one bit.


Who Said Honesty Never Pays Off!

As you know from this post, and a bit from this post I love and adore Fairy Goth Mother, to the point that I wish I were a woman (sometimes)! Well, just earlier this week I found one of their corsets on eBay for a very reduced price form some unknown seller claiming it was their own brand and brand new. I did what any pain in the arse would (and trust, I really AM a pain in the arse) and contacted Fairy Goth Mother (I love seeing people get their justice, whether it’s a rapist or murderer or some guy on the side of the road sucking on a speeding fine – it’s a fetish). Today I received an email from John of FGM thanking me greatly and gracing me with a generous gift voucher :).

So there we are kids, do not believe those Hollywood movies, honesty is the best policy!


Once You Go Black, Do You Ever Go Back?

I am really getting this vibe from myself when I browse store racks or some online retailer’s pages for a new suit, jacket or coat. It’s not that black is my favourite colour, far from it, but when it comes to something like a suit it just looks so good you cannot pass it up. I was then reminded in a recent conversation with Rhonda that I used to dream of a VERY green suit (the green colour is the chartreuse closer to green than the yellow variety) that was (and probably still is) available for a quite modest price in a store in town which is similar to this suit:
Do I or don’t I? I really have no idea whether it will make me stand out of the crowd in a good way or in a morbidly embarrassingly way. This usually wouldn’t effect me except for the little fact that you usually wear a suit to special occasions and I’d hate to ruin it for every one else (especially my date) if it happens to be the latter.

On a positive note though, this double-breasted orange suit:
Salvatorre Ferragamo - Chocolate Male Style
…instilled me with some hope that such bold colours that I usually keep reserved for my tie collection are running to the suit’s themselves. That was from the spring 2010 collection (my Autumn).

At the end of the day I do think it’s safer, at least for the time being, to stick with my bold blacks (and occasional brown with sky-blue pinstripe) and leave the bold colours to my ties and boxers.


Watch decided (plus small review)!

I have finally decided and the following Fossil watch has been bought and paid for (well I actually decided a while ago but never posted about it because I forgot about it to be perfectly honest, but now that my package has arrived, I shall share the good news with you good people):
Analog Gunmetal Dial Watch - FOSSIL

Needless to say it look damn sexy and very showy and I think I need to put myself in more dressy situations so I can wear it more often. The watch was bought from a eBay seller for about AUD$80 (including postage) which was nice cheap surprise.

The watch itself looks so much better than it does in the pictures on the Fossil website: the buffed metal is sexy you could almost think it were titanium. The bold blacks of the face and border are very defined and the hands make it really easy to catch the time even at the quickest of glances. One thing I wasn’t quite sure of was the ‘diamond’ (actually, upon further reading it is an actual genuine diamond, what a present surprise) as I was concerned it would look too ‘blingy’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It really does look great and with the 50 metre water resistance, it won’t fall victim to any accidental watering I may put it though due to complacency alone. It’s also not too heavy either which is nice for a guy like myself who has really skinny arms.


The Uni Bag

I have been a bag fan for a long time, and have only waned my bag carrying because I’ve had a coat to do the carrying for me. The population as a whole, at least that I’ve found, is very undecided in regards to the trendiness of bags and bag carrying. I’ve had those who accept my uni bag and those that call it a man bag and thus aim the tone of the conversation from that point forward at that level.

I say screw you all! I love my uni bag and I will carry it until the day that I die (except if I have an adequate coat, then, in such instances, you can have the day off and do whatever uni bags do on their days off). So here are some great find to get you all baggy :).

Rip Curl (how could I resist an Australian company – AUD$79):
KODI (no idea of this brand as this is an eBay find and so we’ll have to trust the seller – AUD$99):
Men's Italian Soft Leather Messenger Bag -Satchel Black - KODI Design
Tiding (another eBay company – USD$77):
Men's Black Cow Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag Briefcase - Wild Bull Leather World
Prada (just to follow our tradition here of showing stupidly overpriced items – AUD$1550):
Prada Tessuto and Saffiano Messenger Bag -
Wilson’s Leather (I love the size of this one – I might buy this one as it’s size and price are mightily tempting – USD$59):
Black Rivet Brushed Leather Day Bag - Wilson's Leather
David King & Company (Another small one, but a bit pricier than the last – USD$87):
David King leather briefcase model 121 - David King & Company