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Ohhh Sparkly!

It is not that I do not like earring, it is just that I have a chronic fear of needles and needlely like objects (like needles). Such a chronic fear has ensure that the idea of getting a piercing has never, EVER crossed my mind (not even once, though the never, EVER is a fairly sure give-a-way of such a strong opposition) and the only way I would get one is if I was seriously drunk, but since I’m not a fan of getting drunk the chances are still pretty nonexistent.

So taking my fear of ever piercing my beautifully formed body (I kid, I kid – no seriously I kid), I interviewed my friend Dylan who is cute and adorable and is willing to do anything for a hug :).

  1. When did you first get your ears pierced?
    • Ummmmm grade 6,
      Then again last year.
  2. New (additional) holes or did the old ones heal over?
    • Healed over
  3. When did you stop wearing them the first time, and why?
    • Because the bitch who did them did one crooked.
  4. Wow! Trainee hairdressers ftl!
    Are they the only piercing you have?

    • No, two belly and I did have my tongue done
  5. Any more to come?
    • Ummmmm, yeah probably my seconds and get my tongue done again
  6. Your tongue again?
    • Because I miss it
  7. Wait, so your tongue healed as well?
    • Yeah
  8. Fair enough. What type of earrings do you wear the most?
    • Studs
  9. Colours?
    • Silver
  10. Thanks Dilli <3
    • No problems 🙂
      I’m happy to help!
  11. *hugs*
    • *high fives*

What I don’t understand is those who stretch their various pierced holes making themselves look like complete idiots. Is it some kind of subtle silent protest against the injustices and poverty in Africa or are they that unique and individual that their inner pain is nothing like anyone would possibly imagine, or maybe they wake up wishing they were the child of Satan (better put it in capitals so he doesn’t get pissy) – what ever the reason you look like a douchefag and probably need to re-evaluate your outlook on life.