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The Uni Bag

I have been a bag fan for a long time, and have only waned my bag carrying because I’ve had a coat to do the carrying for me. The population as a whole, at least that I’ve found, is very undecided in regards to the trendiness of bags and bag carrying. I’ve had those who accept my uni bag and those that call it a man bag and thus aim the tone of the conversation from that point forward at that level.

I say screw you all! I love my uni bag and I will carry it until the day that I die (except if I have an adequate coat, then, in such instances, you can have the day off and do whatever uni bags do on their days off). So here are some great find to get you all baggy :).

Rip Curl (how could I resist an Australian company – AUD$79):
KODI (no idea of this brand as this is an eBay find and so we’ll have to trust the seller – AUD$99):
Men's Italian Soft Leather Messenger Bag -Satchel Black - KODI Design
Tiding (another eBay company – USD$77):
Men's Black Cow Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag Briefcase - Wild Bull Leather World
Prada (just to follow our tradition here of showing stupidly overpriced items – AUD$1550):
Prada Tessuto and Saffiano Messenger Bag -
Wilson’s Leather (I love the size of this one – I might buy this one as it’s size and price are mightily tempting – USD$59):
Black Rivet Brushed Leather Day Bag - Wilson's Leather
David King & Company (Another small one, but a bit pricier than the last – USD$87):
David King leather briefcase model 121 - David King & Company


I want another trench coat.

I was going to buy one of these leather trench coats from Southbeach Leather:

…as they have some pretty impressive little gems for quite nice prices (considering that it’s 100% genuine leather) but I some how found myself quite distracted and looking on eBay where I found this sexy little number:
'TOP' SS- Long Coat Black(USSZ-M) - Top Class Season 2
…which I just fell in love with (and no wonder, look at it!). Nothing even remotely this stylish exists in my wardrobe, but for a mere AUD$88 including shipping it’s one hell of a bargain for one hell of an item. I would have bought the slightly longer wool version (that one is cotton) but I think I may be allergic to wool and should investigate that further before I go buying something that’s a wool blend and will cover most of my body.

Come to think of it, it’s probably for the best that I’ve bought this item as I already have a trench coat that turns heads as it is – I think it’s about time I aim to tone down my attire from now on.


*gaping mouth*

I know this is generally male orientated ‘fashion’ blog; I also know that it’s a male ‘fashion’ (I use fashion in quotes because it’s quite obvious that I have no idea about fashion past knowing all the words to the David Bowie song) blog that reports on cheap and affordable items of clothing; but sometimes you see something that makes you a) wish you were a woman, and b) had so much money to spare. The item in question is this:

In the words of Bowie, “Wham, Bam – thank-you you mam!”. At an ‘affordable’ £340, before shipping and the rest, it’s not something you’re going to be buying as the mood takes you (if it is than you either have way too much money to throw around or need to get some help – you have a problem). Luckily for those of you who live in the lovely UK you get awesome free shipping for items over £100, which is somewhat of a consolation I guess.

I know I make a lot of jokes on here in attempt to sugar coat my chronic cynicism and to cover up the fact that I really have no idea what I’m talking about, but I am deadly serious when I say that after looking through the catalogue at Fairy Goth Mother I really do wish I were a woman. Their dresses, corsets, lingerie, gowns and all items in-between are all cute and adorable, sexy and seductive, sensible and provocative, and sometimes all of these things at once.

Super full lined petticoat skirt and corset - Fairy Goth Mother Simply wonderful formal skirt in silk with bow detail - Fairy Goth Mother

For those of you who aren’t made of money there are some pretty impressive savings on the older items (some by £200 alone) found under the clearance section of the website. So much sigh, so much sigh.


I want my leather!

Metropolis French Coat - Leather Attractions

Leather Attractions is a website that’s been around for some time and has quite a few great reviews here there and everywhere, but whenever I try to use my MasterCard to buy some lovely, lovely leather wears, it comes back with some silly merchant error. The first time I tried it was ages ago and there’s been no suspicious activity on my card since so I hardly think it’s a dodgy website (especially not with it’s Comodo verification and many positive reviews). If anyone has purchased from them before I’d love to know how you did it (Visa perhaps?).

Apart from that hiccup, LA have some pretty sexy coats and jackets for really impressive prices. If I/we can sort out the payment issue they’d be a very awesome place to buy from.