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Men’s Brassieres Top Sellers

This is straight from Rakuten, an online mall:

“It started with a customer’s remark: “Why aren’t there any bras for men?” Why? Because they are not necessary? But there are people who want them, so in fact they are necessary. Men’s bodies are different from those of women, so a rethinking was required. Materials, design, and even the feeling… Of course, there’s no need, but… It’s gentle and relaxing; those feelings should be important.

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers | Sankaku Complex Men's Brassieres Top Sellers | Sankaku Complex

“But I’m a man!” Even with someone like you, we’d like for you to experience that gentleness.

Point 1:Choice of materials.
We’ve selected the same material used in men’s shorts. Soft and stretchable, a good fit is assured.

Point 2: Freedom of fit.
We’ve employed the “spectacles” design of bra front. The bra can freely move with your chest. Also, you can freely adjust the position of the bra.

Point 3: Relaxation.
Unlike ladies’ brassieres, the straps are soft and gentle. Rather than a “bust up” effect, we stress relaxation.

Men's Brassieres Top Sellers | Sankaku Complex Point 4: Adjustable volume.
There’s an internal pocket for padding! If you need more volume, just slip in a pad!

With this, you can experience “men’s love”. Men want to experience the feelings of women! Your body is that of a man, but you feel like a boy maiden! You want to experience those soothing feelings? You need chest support! They might be all sorts of reasons, but gentleness is what you desire most.”

I honestly know people would definitely benefit form something like this.


Bust Reducing Bra: “Selling Like Hot Cakes”

I have two bra related entries for you guys to feast your eyes on so stay tuned :)!

Well I have done the bust increasing bra so why not the bust reducing bra? According to the makers of the bra:

“We conducted a survey of women aged 20 to 40, and 10.7% said they ‘wanted to display their bust in a compact fashion’ – this was the impetus for developing the bra. Women with a complex about having large breasts aren’t few in number.

This isn’t as rare as you might think with a good friend of mine who is undertaking breast-reduction surgery and even my sister has contemplated the jump under the knife for the sake of a little reduction.

Bust Reducing Bra “Selling Like Hot Cakes” | Sankaku Complex Bust Reducing Bra “Selling Like Hot Cakes” | Sankaku Complex

The survey also found 24.6% wanted bras to give them a size boost, but the majority were more concerned with practicalities – 32.9% wanted a comfortable “natural” fit, and 32.8% “firm support.” Because of this the bra is said to be enjoying some really good sales.