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Another Tokyoflash Japan Concept to Reality

The second watch in this many weeks from Tokyoflash Japan that has been sourced from a community concept from the Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio Blog.

LCD Watch Design with Time, Date and Backlight: Kisai Stencil LCD Watch Design with Time, Date and Backlight: Kisai Stencil LCD Watch Design with Time, Date and Backlight: Kisai Stencil

This one is a much more accessible design than most of the TFJ catalogue and should hopefully grant them a wider audience than they currently have been receiving…

Glowing Cosmetics for the Everyday You

I am a conservative. What most humans on this planet do not realise is a conservative person is not nailed to a bible, against gay marriage or gay anything, obsessed with sex only after marriage, et cetera, a conservative is someone who is resistant to change. We do not want to sit in our traditions with our shotguns, pointing them at anyone or anything that wants to introduce change; conservatism is support for gradual change.

But why would you be resistant to change? Why on earth would you not want for the world to embrace these new ideas and advancements that the movers and shakers of this world have to offer? Um, remember DDT and asbestos? We, as a society, embraced those two like a leper to Jesus; and look how that turned out for us – there is something about DDT wallpaper and asbestos oven mittens that really should rang some alarm-bells. Well if you think those were bad, enter radioactive cosmetics.

An ever-flowing Fountain of Youth and Beauty has at last been found in the Energy Rays of Radium.

When scientists discovered Radium they hardly dreamed they had unearthed a revolutionary “Beauty Secret.” They know it now. Radium Rays vitalize and energize all living tissue. This Energy has been turned into Beauty’s aid. Each and every ‘Radior’ Toilet Requisite contains a definite qualtity of Actual Radium.

1918 advertisement from London’s Radior Co. Ltd.

Radior had radium in everything: vanishing cream, soap, rouge, talcum powder, face powder in six tints (Blanche, Naturelle, Rachel, Flesh Ochre and Brunette), compact powder, hair tonic, night cream and assorted face pads. These products where rather popular in Commonwealth countries and were guaranteed to all contain radioactive products, reinforced by the following Sydney Morning Herald advertisement from 1915:

“Radior” Chin straps are guaranteed to contain Radio-active substance and Radium Bromide. If placed on the face where the skin has become wrinkled or tired the radio-active forces immediately take effect on the nerves and tissues. A continuous steady current of energy flows into the skin, and before long the wrinkles have disappeared, the nerves have become strong and energised, and the tired muscles have become braced up and “ready for service.”

Radior were not the only cosmetic company trading off of tumours inducing beauty products, Tho-Radium came along in the 1930s which was a combination of thorium chloride and radium bromide (as the brand name suggests). This French company added lipstick, toothpaste and cleansing milk to the already frightening beauty line up just to ensure that no radioactive stone is left unturned. Although T-R never made it to any English speaking countries, it still chills you to the bone to think what can happen when you jump on any new product or idea before you test the sheer crazy-sauce out of it.

Good old conservatism…

Creepy Mannequins Are Creepy

One feature that you have at your disposal in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the purely cosmetic ability to place items of clothing, armour, jewellery, head-ware, et cetera, onto mannequins in player owned locations. This is all well and good for the sake of making your in-game house, a ‘home,’ but fails to fulfill this desired purpose when your mannequins are not only the creepiest things on the planet, but they move. So what is wrong with mannequins that can move around your house showing off that new fancy armour set of yours? Well: Skyrim mannequins only move when you are not looking!

Think Doctor Who’s weeping angels (except the weeping angels from the episode based on the short story and not the two part episode where the Steven Moffat bastardised and retconned them until they were no longer the most terrifying thing on the planet) and you will get a good idea of how terrifying these damn wooden statues really are. There is a large open room that has plaques to hang your shields and weapons and racks to rest your staves which more than half of the outside of the room has mannequins standing about two metres apart.

It appears that I am not the only one that think these (seemingly) inanimate humanoids are creepy as all buck as I found quite a few website documenting this very fear (in disturbing detail I might add). Is anyone else surprised that mannequins were used in nuclear testing to simulate the effects on humans? Because let us all face the facts here: mannequins are EXACTLY like humans in every way shape and form (no wonder that people made nuclear makeup – that is a post for another day).

Oh well, I will leave that here and add some pictures when I get home to do so…

Weird 8-Bit Fashion

I have been extremely busy this week so I have not had time to post my usual bi weekly so I shall post some weird 8-bit fashion pictures instead :).

Weird 8-bit Fashion Weird 8-bit Fashion
Weird 8-bit Fashion Weird 8-bit Fashion
Weird 8-bit Fashion Weird 8-bit Fashion

Make of that what you will…


Who can honestly deny love for plush toys? I think it is fair to say that those who do not have a love for plush toys are usually the ones who grow up to be psychopaths of some kind (or spinster librarians). Since I am not a psychopath (or librarian) I too have a love for plush toys – the cuter the better – and I would like to share with you a New Zealand lass who feels the same.

Ninja Bear  Geek Ninja by ChibiCraft on Etsy Super Red Ninja Bear by ChibiCraft on Etsy Super Green Ninja Bear by ChibiCraft on Etsy

Jenna Adam started making adorable things to sell from home at the end of 2010 where she founded Chibi Crafts and Design. The most lovely of her creations are her ninja bears that come in many ever changing designs. a Lot of the ninja’s designs are inspired directly from videos games, anime, pop culture, et cetera, but are only hinted at their origins – an example would be the Super Red and Super Green ninjas who happen to have mustaches and be plumbers. Jenna Adam is currently working on her second series of bears with ten super-cute new designs that have been released so far.

Ninja Bear  Sir Ninja by ChibiCraft on Etsy Chibi Crafts and Design Ninja Bear  Vampire Ninja by ChibiCraft on Etsy

I have ordered myself a Sir Ninja Bear from Etsy and I will let you all know how adorable it is when it finally arrives…