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It is Always Too Late

I shall not lie to you when divulging the origins my discovery of the designer brand “Too Late“: I discovered the company in an old MissHannahMinx video. As think about it more and more the less I am ashamed: the videos are made for watching and watched it I did.

Too Late was not create by a designer wishing to make their name in the fashion world, but by an entrepreneur who found a silicone watch in a New York MOMO store and decided that he could make something of that simple yet effective design. Ale Fogazzi acquired the distribution rights of that now-famous watch in 2007 and built the Too Late brand around it. Since then well over two million watches have been sold, proving that the company’s formula of ‘high-end yet affordable’ is winning over consumers world-wide.

Whilst the majority of the products from Too Late are of the time-telling variety, they have branched out with bracelets, wallets, handbags, USB flash drives, belts and even a bicycle. Even though I cannot say that the bright colours of Too Late’s signature silicone look is something that appeals to me directly, their subtler Neo and Nyx watches do tempt me greatly.

The Original Watch - Too Late

3D HANDBAG - Too Late
Original Analogue - Too Late Nyx - Too Late
Neo - Too LateWallet - Too Late
Fixed - Too Late

I will be watching this Italian company closely…

Brand Spanking New Concept to Reality from Tokyoflash Japan

As I mentioned in this post about Tokyoflash Japan’s unique watches, a good deal of their designs are hand picked from the community. The latest design hot off the watchmakers table is the Kasai Optical Illusion and is available for USD$199.

LCD Watch Design with Optical Illusion Display, Time, Date, Alarm and Backlight : Optical Illusion

To give a rough idea of how long it takes to turn an on-paper concept into a working watch, the original concept was published on the Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio Blog in September of 2010.

What do you think? personally I am not that much of fan but you cannot win them all…

Design by Humans

A Tee-shirt company that I have not featured on BzrCC is DESIGNBYHÜMANS. The obvious reason is that I was not actively aware of their operation but another is the price: almost twice as much as some other tee-shirt companies.

Then why have I taken it upon myself to talk about them at this moment in time? The answer is simple: their designs are works of art.

DBH is a competition site very similar to Threadless, with published designs being chosen by a community voting system and winners receiving USD$1000 and six shirts of their printed design. The thing that makes DBH so refreshing is in place of the cookie-cutter pop-culture references that you find on your RIPT, QwerTee, Shirt.Woot, and even Threadless, is replaced with really solid artistic design.

CutMe T-shirt by Shining from Design By Humans No Fear. T-shirt by sebasebi from Design By Humans
Virtual Reality T-shirt by Davi_Augusto from Design By Humans Dream Level-1 T-shirt by collisiontheory from Design By Humans Midnight Sonata T-shirt by muttley from Design By Humans
Close in Time T-shirt by alnavasord from Design By Humans The Experiment T-shirt by Recycledwax from Design By Humans =Milky Way= T-shirt by pinkstorm from Design By Humans

Close in Time (bottom left) has to be one my favourite tee-shirt prints of all time…

Wristwatches Intent on Reinventing the Wheel

One Thing I have been enthralled in whilst absent from the world of blogging is a company by the name of TokyoFlash Japan. TFJ do one thing and one thing only, and that is create the most unusual and interesting watched that you are most likely to ever see. Not only so but they also create these little enigmas strange from the public’s submissions to their blog.

The following are some of the watches they sell or have sold in the past:

Kisai RPM SS LED Watch
Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED Watch Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch LED Watch
Kisai Kaidoku LCD Watch Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD Watch
Kisai Seven LED Watch Nekura Scramble LED Watch
Kisai On Air Black LED Watch

I will be sure to include a compilation of some of the best user-submitted designs that are currently pending approval, in a future post…

Apparently I Own a Blog…

…or so it would seem.

When this blog first came into being I had a mountain of time to add content and maintain it, but then I landed a job and things kind of moved towards that. Now that my job is not giving me all the hours that I would like I should jump back onto here and ensure that this website and blog is maintain to the level it was before the sudden disappearance.