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Does This Sound Like a Good Idea to You?

Another great example of awesome design but completely useless in terms of function. There is no way a speaker that size is going to give you the full range of frequencies for any kind of music to sound good. Hell, I have a piece of paper in audio that tells me so. Although, with that being said, it is still a sexy, sexy little idea and I occasionally wish the laws of physics wouldn’t be so stubborn!

Interlocking Earphones by Yoonsang Kim Interlocking Earphones by Yoonsang Kim
Interlocking Earphones by Yoonsang Kim Interlocking Earphones by Yoonsang Kim


The d°light Huggable

Isn’t this ADORABLE‽

d°light Huggable - Featured  - Yanko DesignIt is labelled as an ideal night-light, sunshine alternative and conversation piece – functional, yet contemporary, it claims to define the future of design. I don’t know about that latter bit but it sure is mighty adorable. It comes in three colours and is powered by either four AA batteries or a DC black box; inside are 0.5 watt LEDs.


  • The latest LED technology made in Japan
  • Warm white 0.5 watt LED at higher color temperature
  • Low power, low heat, drive current of 120mA per LED
  • Utilizes the natural translucency of silicone rubber as the LED lens
  • Turn d°light Huggable on/off by pulling the chain switch
  • 4 AA batteries. huggable will last about 4 hours at its brightest and then dim off slowly…
  • 100% woven polyester (eyelash fabric)
  • 100% polyester satin
d°light Huggable - Featured  - Yanko Design d°light Huggable - Featured  - Yanko Design

These are just the cutest things I have seen all year, I think I’m going to buy one :).


Meeting People is Easy

When we look for a partner we want to find someone with the same interests and same goals and same outlook on life. I have, however, never heard of people wanting to find someone with the same diseases and infections to hook up with or spend the rest of their life with.

Enter STDFriends. A website that is as plain as its name: a dating site for people with STD/Is to find other people with STD/Is. You can ever search people by their afflictions and users own STD/Is are shown on their profiles just so everyone’s on the same page. Have a browse, you never know, you may need a website like this in the further (or maybe it is more of a case of ‘already’).


My Feet Are Cold

You know when you want to buy something but cannot bring yourself to buy it out of pure shame? While I love the house I live in, it’s freaken cold upstairs in the winter and I live in beautiful sunny Queensland in Australia where the weather is perfect 98% of the time. So to counter my stupid house and it’s strange version of physics I need a good pair of slippers (because I’d hate to ruin a good pair of socks).

OMG! WIN! (this never happens):

Muk Luks Unisex 'Fireside Casuals' Slipper Socks |…the sheer comfort of socks without the stupid dorky-old person look of slippers. AUD$30. I tell you, this never happens to me, I bet they lose my package in the post.


Underwater Fashion Show?

Underwater Fashion Show -- The Cosmopolitan Neutrogena Underwater Fashion Show
And they tell me that I’m the one who is losing it :/!