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Male Underwear – a Female Point of View

I could never write an article about male underwear better than this lovely lady. Enjoy!



I cannot say I have ever been too much a fan of rings. Back in the day I almost bought a very nice pewter ring with an inset spinning chain (similar to the one below) but felt it too expensive and so never did buy it in the end. They’re not like a nice watch or pair of sunnies in the same sense in fashion as they seem to fly in and out of fashion like no-bodies business. This of course is not taking into account the exceptions to the rule like wedding related jewels or some other ring that has real mean to the wearer (this shows personality and depth in your style and look – which is never a bad thing).

Brushed Stainless Steel Ring with Spinning Chain: Just Men's RingsLooking all the way back to the seventies and we can see that there was a definite type of person that donned rings and they were of the pimp variety or even some hippies, but for the general populace, they were pretty well out. That continues into the eighties until the late eighties where they came so far in that it continued through the nineties until the late nineties where ‘bling’ was the new black. When the naughties hit rings faded out as time passed on until the late naughties where they started to slow pop their heads back in (not surprisingly because of the late eighties/early nineties influencing both underground and big name designers alike.)

Black Tungsten Ring or Wedding Band: Just Men's Rings Benchmark 4 mm Traditional Fit Milgrain 10K White Gold Wedding Band: Just Men's Rings Titanium and Silver Band Ring: Just Men's Rings

As for what type of rings look good, I’m really not sure. There seems to be quite a few two and three finger rings floating around that look hideous and I can only imagine are meant to resemble dusters (something which I cannot imagine would EVER be stylish away from the wardrobe of Mr T). Simple silver, palladium, white gold, tungsten or even titanium rings are what I would find visually appealing with only small decoration present. Big gold rings just make you look like a knob and I’m sure only certain people would ever pull off wearing them.


iPhones, the New Designer Accessory?

I do not own an iPhone nor do I think I ever will – at least not in the foreseeable future. While I do own a touch-screen phone (LG Renoir), I cannot see myself ever using the vast majority of extra functions and features that feature on Apple‘s little wonder-child. It is not that I am playing the ‘I hate Apple’ card here, although, my patience in regards to their continual computer fascism is starting to wear thin, I just don’t need it (plus my Renoir seems to get a lot better reception than my friends’ iPhones). A nice accessible phone with a back-up camera and basic web surfing is exactly what I want and is exactly what I have (and, in addition, I didn’t pay a cent for it). But one thing my Renoir, or any other new fancy phone, has not been able to compete with is the iPhone‘s ever increasing vogue.

Apart from the sheer popularity of the little bugger (the vast majority of friends over eighteen seems to have one permanently in their hands) there are the hundreds of thousands of accessories to the iPhone itself which are making this phone a must have pocket filler. Hong Kong veteran fashion company JOYCE have earlier in the year announced a collection of cases from designers such as Anna Sui, Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens, Marni, Bless and Etro. The fact that one of these cases is shaped like a piece of granite and another which what I could only call elephant hide makes me both strangely envious and repulsed all at the same time. I haven’t been able to track a price of these guys but I cannot imagine they’ll be cheap though.

JOYCEOther notably sexy cases include Griffin Technology‘s Threadless (top row below) and Chilewich (very bottom row) collections – the latter consisting of a tightly woven mesh making an interesting yet aesthetically pleasing case.

Griffin Technology: The Gaming Revolution - Design by Sean Mort Griffin Technology: Fail - Design by Budi Satria Kwan Griffin Technology: Space Needs Color - Design by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini Griffin Technology: Elan Form Chilewich - Gravel


Discovering Vivienne Westwood (sort-of).

A friend of mine spends a good chunk of our conversations going on and on about Vivienne Westwood (necklaces in particular). She did it to the point of just saying ‘Vivienne Westwood necklace‘ on many occasions as if that was a substitute for friendly banter. I thought I’d be the good friend and do some research of my own and actually find out who Vivienne Westwood is/was and what is so good about her wears (it is a she, isn’t it?).

Upon my search I found some very impressive fakes (or ‘replicas’ as they call them, almost as if they were toy planes) amongst the genuine articles with nothing but the price to separate them. Below is some of the ‘replicas’:

Now I’m not the sort of guy to wear a necklace or bracelet but if I was I’d be buying the ‘replicas’ over the genuine articles any day! Is that wrong? Does this mean I’m going to fashion hell? Probably, but luckily Jesus wore nothing but sandals and rags and Buddha was a prince-cum-homeless guy so as far as references and credible character witnesses at the hearing on judgement day are concerned, I think I’m covered :).


Brother’s Birthday

The little so-and-so has finally hit eighteen. Luckily I already sorted his birthday present though in the form of a ticket to the Pixies just before Easter.