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I’ll be away for Easter (as I always am). I will be down south at an event known as Dragonskin. Don’t break the place while I’m gone.


Pixie Love!

So in a couple of days I’ll be seeing the Pixies LIVE! SQUEEE!!!!!! It is the Doolittle tour so they’ll be playing the album from end to end which is super-awesomely-fantastic-sauce. It will be at the Convention and Exhibition Centre which is my second favourite concert venue so the only thing stopping me now is time (damn you Einstein).



Did I ever tell you about Shirt.Woot? I think I had one tee randomly placed at one stage but not in any detail.

So, Shirt.Woot is a daily Tee-shirt website that is community driven. You either submit your design outright and have the staff choose at their discretion, or submit your design in weekly themed ‘derbies‘ following a couple of set rules and then the community votes on the top three (which will be printed). The twist how ever is, only the top selling twenty-five shirts of the week remain, the excess seven (as it is calculated weekly) are culled never to be printed again. The artists receive USD$1000 upfront and $2 per garment printed after the first day on the exclusive artist licence (there’s a less exclusive one as well but I’m all for keeping it simple, stupid). One thing that IS a big winner for me is the price. A daily Woot (shown below) is USD$10 with USD$5 international shipping and free mainland shipping with the price of the tee rising by USD$5 when it’s in what S.W calls the reckoning.

Woot® : One Day, One Deal™

Designs range from really clever to uninspired and plain boring so it pays to have Shirt.Woot as one of your home pages so you don’t miss out on a USD$10 shirt. Below is some of my favourites:

Woot® : One Day, One Deal™Woot® : One Day, One Deal™Woot® : One Day, One Deal™Woot® : One Day, One Deal™Woot® : One Day, One Deal™Woot® : One Day, One Deal™Woot® : One Day, One Deal™Woot® : One Day, One Deal™Woot® : One Day, One Deal™Woot® : One Day, One Deal™



When you’re eccentric you can do what ever the hell you want because as long as you’re getting attention, any kind of attention, it completely justifies the ridiculous behaviour in question. I used to wear hospital armbands. Well, not hospital ones per sa, but the ones that are very similar to. Similar to the kind of arm-band you receive when you go into the GA section of a concert or if you’re over 18 at a festival. Like those but the plastic ones (there’s nothing tackier than the waxy paper ones).

Two Green Plastic ArmbandsI cannot remember when, or even how come to think of it, I acquired so many of them, but when one reached the point of retirement it was removed and replaced by another (of a different colour, of course). Look, I know you’re not going to believe me, but they didn’t look that bad, I swear.

The only reason I stopped wearing them was because I had a performance coming up and the armband itself didn’t fit in with my character. Maybe I should find where my cache did end up after all these years.


I love you internets!

Inside-Out Body Wear. The fact that this company has been around since 1979 scares me ever so greatly.