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Band Buttons

I’m pretty sure band buttons will never go out of style. Do you think it a worthwhile venture to buy a badge press and start making my own? Can you make money out of that? I can only imagine the amount one would have to make and consistently sell would be a lot in order to break a reasonable profit.

Just a thought I guess.


Wholesale Brand Clothing (.com)

I think we all know how much of tight tit I am at the best of times, let alone when I’m between jobs. Well, where on earth was this website when I was doing internet searches is completely beyond me. You know, I’m starting to think I am extremely green when it comes to this fashion game and it doesn’t look like I’m getting any less green in any hurry.

Cheap Designer Clothes Wholesale Ed Hardy Cheap Abercrombie Wholesale Juicy Couture Designer True Religion Jeans Wholesale Lacoste and Ralph Lauren Polo Hollister Clothing From ChinaFor those kids who are humouring me to make me feel less like a knob and pretending not to know anything about this website, I’ll tell you what I know. It is designer clothing from some super cheap price. We’re talking Prada tees for USD$8 (and we KNOW from previous blog entries how overprices Prada usually is – and that was on sale), we’re talking Rock and Republic Jeans for USD$20, we’re talking Lacoste polos for $USD8. The only condition is that you buy a minimum of five for each item, which I don’t have a problem with because I, unlike you, actually have friends to buy them from me :).

The only problem I have with this website and this stems back to what I was talking about at the beginning of this post: I have no idea what each designers brands make and what style they do it in. This is a problem because the website is divided into brand, not type of clothing. But with that being said, it might be nice for me to get a little bit of brand recognition programmed into the old noggin if I’m going to continue to run a worthwhile blog.


Less is more?

Upon having a sticky-beak on ALEXANDCHLOE I have come to conclusion that there’s nothing hip new casual designers like more than to take a nice plain tee-shirt or pair of jeans and then having at it with a packing knife and calling it a statement of fashion.

Now despite my cynicism and my raised eye-brow at the price, I have to say that some of this stuff IS pretty good. For example:
If a girl walked up to me at a party wearing the above, the words ‘DAAAMN’ (yes, if said correctly it would be two different words, hence the plural form of said word) would roll off my metaphorical tongue. While other things like:
…is simply gay. I don’t mean gay as in homosexual, I mean gay as in you did wear this, gay straight. celebrate or Atari, everyone, including those suffering from disabilities ranging from blindness to down syndrome, would point, laugh, and ensure all those around would be doing the same.

But in all seriousness, though:


I have just put the above two item on order (look, I couldn’t resist – please don’t hurt me, I’m delicate) and I don’t have a problem paying the $30+$85 price tag either.

Oh, while you are checking out the what’s what on the ALEXANDCHLOE, make sure to check out their clearance items – while there is no ‘hack and slash’ items like the ones mentioned above (at least not when I typed this blog entry), there are some pretty good looking items starting from $13.80 (again, at time of me typing this – obviously).


I hate shoes!

It’s true, and I also hate shoe shopping. Here’s a website with a massive amount of cheap shoes from everywhere :).

Heels ‘n’ Soles

I love when other websites do my job for me ^^!


Birthday Time

Can’t stop and talk, it’s my sister’s birthday (or my aunt’s – one is on the 19th and the other on the 20th, so it’s one of them) – fun for the whole family no less.