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Once You Go Black, Do You Ever Go Back?

I am really getting this vibe from myself when I browse store racks or some online retailer’s pages for a new suit, jacket or coat. It’s not that black is my favourite colour, far from it, but when it comes to something like a suit it just looks so good you cannot pass it up. I was then reminded in a recent conversation with Rhonda that I used to dream of a VERY green suit (the green colour is the chartreuse closer to green than the yellow variety) that was (and probably still is) available for a quite modest price in a store in town which is similar to this suit:
Do I or don’t I? I really have no idea whether it will make me stand out of the crowd in a good way or in a morbidly embarrassingly way. This usually wouldn’t effect me except for the little fact that you usually wear a suit to special occasions and I’d hate to ruin it for every one else (especially my date) if it happens to be the latter.

On a positive note though, this double-breasted orange suit:
Salvatorre Ferragamo - Chocolate Male Style
…instilled me with some hope that such bold colours that I usually keep reserved for my tie collection are running to the suit’s themselves. That was from the spring 2010 collection (my Autumn).

At the end of the day I do think it’s safer, at least for the time being, to stick with my bold blacks (and occasional brown with sky-blue pinstripe) and leave the bold colours to my ties and boxers.


Every Man Looks Good in a Suit

SLIM FIT Black Stripe 2-Button Mens Suit - Je Je Homme
Just bought this suit for USD$60 – bargain!