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Grass Thongs?

Really guys, this is just stupid -_-! I know it’s old news but it was the first time I had heard of it living grass thongs.

Krispy Kreme doughnutsIt really does show that the Poms have no idea.


My Feet Are Cold

You know when you want to buy something but cannot bring yourself to buy it out of pure shame? While I love the house I live in, it’s freaken cold upstairs in the winter and I live in beautiful sunny Queensland in Australia where the weather is perfect 98% of the time. So to counter my stupid house and it’s strange version of physics I need a good pair of slippers (because I’d hate to ruin a good pair of socks).

OMG! WIN! (this never happens):

Muk Luks Unisex 'Fireside Casuals' Slipper Socks |…the sheer comfort of socks without the stupid dorky-old person look of slippers. AUD$30. I tell you, this never happens to me, I bet they lose my package in the post.



I never had any intention of focussing on particular brands, at least not making it a regular thing, until I realised that these self-imposed rules (I like to create strict rules about EVERYTHING I do and only operate myself within those rules or my conscience has a cry) are going to get me no-where; plus, how am I ever going to keep this blog up if I keep being vague and general all the time! So, in lieu of such internal conflicts, I shall write about Colorado.

You know what? I always thought Colorado was an American company (because of the name). I always thought that they were one of those rare companies that didn’t believe in fashion hellenisation (I really have no idea how else to describe it). Actually, that’s a good point, can someone tell me the word I’m look for? Anyway, this is hardly important and I’ll continue on. So, as I was saying, I always thought that they were an American company until this blog article where I found out that they were Australian owned (and the head office is even in my city – how about that).

Colorado - Mens Footwear Colorado - Womens Footwear

For those who do not know the brand, Colorado, they make casual adventure clothing and footwear (there used to be a bigger focus on the footwear, now it is generally half and half). Their wears are usually very practical and is sometimes marketed as ‘adventurewear’ to give a brief idea. I am a little torn with Colorado to whether in fact I indeed like them, or not. A lot of their stuff tends to be very, well, what I see as middle aged attire (not as bad as another Australian company, Rivers, but still enough to make me cringe), but then again, they do have some pretty nice shirts and shoes, and some to think of it I have a paid of pants that I have only worn once (maybe). Wow, they are a very dark brown (I thought they were charcoal) and don’t look too bad on me – maybe I do own other pants.

Colorado - Womens Footwear Colorado - Womenswear - New Range In Store Now

One thing that can be said about Colorado is they are ridiculously well made. When you buy something you can easily expect it to last longer than anything else you may be wearing it with. The unfortunate thing is, the current winter range (at least what it shown of it on the official website) is rather unimpressive :(. Looks like you’ll just have to take my word on it.


Did I Ever Tell You About my Obsession with Socks?

I know what you’re thinking, “why are you doing an entry on socks, they’re necessary but hardly the centrepiece of a ‘fashionable’ (again, with the quotes) wardrobe!” well tell that to this guy:

On the Street......Fine & Dandy, Tokyo - The Sartorialist…hehe. But in all seriousness though, I love socks. Socks are one of those underrated little gems that make us feel good and we don’t even realise it. If you’re wearing good socks when it’s cold there’s a good chance you’re going to feel a lot better than if you weren’t wearing them. If you’re wearing really good socks at any time you feel better because you have a constant level of comfort and hold (hold is important) that no other piece of clothing can.

I recommend buying those socks that really hold your foot (you’ll know what I mean when you wear them, which isn’t much help if you don’t know what I mean, but it’s positive reinforcement for those who do know. Although, come to think of it, it’s nothing more than a false sense of security for those who think they don’t but really don’t, not to mention those who do know but think they don’t, those are the one who are getting the worst end of the stick here not you, unless you are one of them, but in that case you won’t know so there’s nothing to worry about – I think) but I’ve never been a fan of any kind of design bar the basic dark colours and occasional brand tape. Maybe I should be like our happy Asian friend and make my socks the cornerstone of my ‘look’.

On second thought though, I’ve just come out of the non-thong wearing closet, I probably shouldn’t combine a strong sock element to my new thong-in-toe look :S.



If there is one thing a guy should never be associated with in regards to his own fashion is bows. What we do like to be associated with though, is cute girls wearing cute bows. Now I am well aware that I am incredibly feminine, but even with that psychological affliction of sorts, I still have no idea about lady’s fashion and so this next bit is purely from what I think is cute and in no way represent any kind of actual fashion advice.

Ami Clubwear (USD$27): Black Faux Leather Bow and Straps Heels - Ami Clubwear
Newport News (USD$59):Ruffled Bow-Trim Little Black Dress - NEWPORT NEWS
Journee (AUD$60):Anne Michelle by Journee Women's High-heel Boots -
Aspeed Designs (AUD$116):Aspeed Women's Red/ Black Pleated Skirt Party Dress -
Prada (in keeping with ridiculously overpriced crap from this company – USD$420):Prada black cutout patent leather bow flats - BLUEFLY
Mia (USD$30):Bow Tie - Gray - MIA
Jessica McClintock (USD$23):Satin Clutch Slope Flat With Bow And Rhinestone Buckle - Jessica McClintock
Fairy Goth Mother (I know it’s expensive, but it’s so CUTE – GBP£275):Amazing steel boned bustier corset with halter straps - Fairy Goth Mother
Valentino (wow, do the sweat shop kiddies see ANY of this money? – AUD$1039):Valentino Lace Bow Clutch - NORDSTROM
Ignite (AUD$62):