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WTB Sexy Dress Watch

I haven’t had to buy a watch in a LONG time. Actually, I’ve only just replaced the battery and band in my casual Rip Curl watch, before that I was watchless for a long while.

Like most things on this blog, I really have no idea what I like nor do I have any idea where to look and what is ‘dressy’ and what is just stupid. Let’s go through a few features to see what I want at the end of the day:

  • Waterproof: this would be nice so there are less accidental situations that cause my watch to depart from this world before its time.
  • Band material: my mind automatically tells me that if it is to be a dress watch it should probably be a metal band of some sort.
  • Analogue: This is a hard one, while a nice analogue watch wouldn’t be out of place there are some very stylish digital watches floating around out there as well – looks like this one is undecided for the time being.
  • Extras: I really cannot see me using any features that aren’t the time itself and maybe the date. While it’s always quite impressive to have sixty-eight different dials on your watch I can only assume every dial adds an extra $x amount to the final price and so, for the time being, I’m going for simplicity over dialarama for the time being.
  • Size: My arms are my best feature; I mean that as modestly as I possibly can! So a watch has to fit my arm perfectly in order to add to the beauty as opposed to make it look like it sticks out like a pair of dog’s balls. I also have very long and skinny arms too, so probably a moderately sized watch would probably be the best way to go.

Look, I’m not even going to bother looking anywhere else than I found this website off of one of those or price grabber websites and their watches are so sexy and cheap that I’m not going to search through the 163 pages to blindly search for something decent when I’m sure I’ll be happy with something here.

Those are some of the nice ones that I’m looking to purchase very soon. An interesting fact though, while I was searching I thought I’d see what there was as far as ‘fake’ Fossil watches and I couldn’t seem to find any that were below $200. Now considering that most if not all of the watches on the Fossil website are below $200, I’m confused to how the fakes are almost twice the price of the genuine articles.