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It is Always Too Late

I shall not lie to you when divulging the origins my discovery of the designer brand “Too Late“: I discovered the company in an old MissHannahMinx video. As think about it more and more the less I am ashamed: the videos are made for watching and watched it I did.

Too Late was not create by a designer wishing to make their name in the fashion world, but by an entrepreneur who found a silicone watch in a New York MOMO store and decided that he could make something of that simple yet effective design. Ale Fogazzi acquired the distribution rights of that now-famous watch in 2007 and built the Too Late brand around it. Since then well over two million watches have been sold, proving that the company’s formula of ‘high-end yet affordable’ is winning over consumers world-wide.

Whilst the majority of the products from Too Late are of the time-telling variety, they have branched out with bracelets, wallets, handbags, USB flash drives, belts and even a bicycle. Even though I cannot say that the bright colours of Too Late’s signature silicone look is something that appeals to me directly, their subtler Neo and Nyx watches do tempt me greatly.

The Original Watch - Too Late

3D HANDBAG - Too Late
Original Analogue - Too Late Nyx - Too Late
Neo - Too LateWallet - Too Late
Fixed - Too Late

I will be watching this Italian company closely…

Not Just a Bag

Do you have one of those bags with a thousand useful pockets on the straps for your phone, music player, pen, wallet, gum, change, and anything else you don’t want to fish around your bag for? Does your bag usual remain mostly empty as it seems to spend most of its time carrying those one or two handfuls of essentials and nothing else? Well I think Setgo have designed a little product that’s just what you need :).

Setgo Transport Urban Bag  - Yanko Design Setgo Transport Urban Bag  - Yanko Design Setgo Transport Urban Bag  - Yanko Design

While Setgo are marketing this product as a bag it seems to more like I describe: a very well designed strap from a backpack or sling with the bag itself. Also, unlike most well-designed and incredibly helpful accessories, this one does not cost you a small fortune. It is not bargain basement at USD$79 but it is still affordable for a well made and useful ‘strap’ for those who spend most of their lives on the move.

Setgo Transport Urban Bag  - Yanko Design

How Much Do You Pay for a Plastic Bag?

In Australia retailers are starting to charge per plastic bag in an attempt to get you to stop filling the landfills with them. Not only that, but some states (I think it is just the one at the moment but I could be wrong) that have enforced a plastic bag tax on the retailers as well as further deterrent. And now it seems our close friend Louis Vuitton is jumping on the band-wagon with the below range of bags, and for USD$1960 each, you can guarantee that no-one will be filling a landfill or the oceans with THAT plastic bag.

Louis Vuitton's $1,960 Trash Bag Purse (PHOTO, POLL) Louis Vuitton's $1,960 Trash Bag Purse (PHOTO, POLL)

What has the world come to‽


Cute Carry Bags

They are bright, they are colourful, and they are damn cute! Oh, and they’re not stupidly expensive like other designer stuff that looks good – which is nice. They come in at around USD$24, which, for a laptop or camera case (in my experience of working in a store that sells a lot of them) is about par. The designer is 25togo and by the looks of the Asian lettering on their website that they are Chinese (I hope that’s correct). Oh, I found some information on them, they are Taiwanese (SORRY!), which makes more sense.

::: ::: 25togo_MY PHOTO??? ::: ::: 25togo_MY PHOTO???
::: ::: 25togo_MY DOCUMENT??? ::: ::: 25togo_MY DOCUMENT???

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Photo Bag:
    • L 115mm W 95mm D 18mm
  • Laptop Case:
    • L 330mm W 280mm D 25mm (33.8cm/13.3″)
    • L 345mm W 300mm D 25mm (35.8cm/14.1″)
    • L 380mm W 325mm D 25mm (39.1cm/15.4″)

Hey! I didn’t even notice this to begin with, but there’s a subtle case of engrish here! MY DOCUMENT and MY PHOTO should both be plural. Oh well, they are still both adorable :).


The Uni Bag

I have been a bag fan for a long time, and have only waned my bag carrying because I’ve had a coat to do the carrying for me. The population as a whole, at least that I’ve found, is very undecided in regards to the trendiness of bags and bag carrying. I’ve had those who accept my uni bag and those that call it a man bag and thus aim the tone of the conversation from that point forward at that level.

I say screw you all! I love my uni bag and I will carry it until the day that I die (except if I have an adequate coat, then, in such instances, you can have the day off and do whatever uni bags do on their days off). So here are some great find to get you all baggy :).

Rip Curl (how could I resist an Australian company – AUD$79):
KODI (no idea of this brand as this is an eBay find and so we’ll have to trust the seller – AUD$99):
Men's Italian Soft Leather Messenger Bag -Satchel Black - KODI Design
Tiding (another eBay company – USD$77):
Men's Black Cow Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag Briefcase - Wild Bull Leather World
Prada (just to follow our tradition here of showing stupidly overpriced items – AUD$1550):
Prada Tessuto and Saffiano Messenger Bag -
Wilson’s Leather (I love the size of this one – I might buy this one as it’s size and price are mightily tempting – USD$59):
Black Rivet Brushed Leather Day Bag - Wilson's Leather
David King & Company (Another small one, but a bit pricier than the last – USD$87):
David King leather briefcase model 121 - David King & Company